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Javier Gomez Ortega, PhD

Computational Postdoctoral Fellow

Javier is a computational biologist and biology of aging researcher with professional and educational experience in laboratories of the University of California, San Francisco (postdoc), Monash University in Australia (PhD), University of Liverpool in the UK (Masters), and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain (undergraduate). Throughout his research, he has applied new system models to study the biology of aging. Based on his computational expertise and experience working with cell cultures, mice, and fruit flies, he has a breadth of knowledge of biological models for studying aging and disease. In his postdoctoral work in the Theodoris Lab, he is developing novel deep learning models to study the cellular communication networks that dictate the trajectories and functions of mesenchymal cells in aging and disease to reveal candidate therapeutic targets to prolong health and lifespan.

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Christina Theodoris Lab

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